Wellness Month: The Mind Body Method Workshop

January is pants. Cliche but true. When it gets past Christmas and all winter is is cold and wet and windy and dark rather than festive and cheery, all I want is to get to summer. Fortunately at the moment, my workplace is doing a ‘wellness month’ to ease us back into work and the new year. This week, I was lucky enough to get a space on a workshop by @themindbodymethod.

Eleanor is a promoter of an ethical and conscious lifestyle, and so came in to give us some tips on how a creative activity such as making your own beauty products. I’ve never tried anything like this (bar attempting and failing to make my own face masks!) so I was excited to see how you could get creative with a few ingredients!

In the workshop we made 2 products: a foot soak and a face oil. My feet are in dire need of a pamper, so this was perfect! I’ve always been a little wary of face oil as I don’t want to make my skin any more greasy than it already is, however Eleanor assured us that the oils can only be beneficial – they actually reduce the amount of oil your skin needs to produce itself, so makes your skin itself less oily in the long run.

I thought I’d share with you the recipes we used to show you how easy it is to make these pampering products at home! Although you might not have the ingredients in the cupboard straight away, making these products yourself actually saves you money in the long run, as you can buy in bulk and just make as much as you’ll need/use – great if, like me, one of your resolutions is so save money!

Foot soak

Sea salt and oats – 2tbsp

Arnica infused sunflower oil – 2tbsp

Essential oils (6 drops for ‘normal’ skin; 3 drops for sensitive) – lavender is best for relaxation

Put 1 scoop into hot water (bath temperature) and soak feet

Face oil

Apricot + almond oil in equal parts (more almond if you have dry skin)

Essential oil (6 drops for ‘normal’ skin; 3 for sensitive) – lavender for sensitive skin; grapefruit or ylang ylang for oily skin

So with a few basic ingredients and not very much time at all you can make your own relaxing and pampering products! Even though you have to buy the pots especially, you can reuse them as many times as you want, so making your own becomes much more eco-friendly and cost-effective than buying from cosmetics shops!

Let me know if you decide to try any of these recipes out, and make sure you follow Eleanor on Instagram (@themindbodymethod ) for loads of health and wellbeing tips!

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