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Hands up who has glasses? And hands up who never wears them because they haven’t replaced them in about 5 years and feels hideously outdated if they do? If this is you, then you need this post. Before I discovered that you could not only buy glasses online, but also have a much bigger selection to choose from than in your local Specsavers, I looked like a secretary half the time and had a headache the other half from not wearing them!

In a social media poll I did, out of the 79% of people who responded who have glasses, 30% don’t wear them regularly. The reasons people don’t wear them included “they’re uncomfortable” and “I hate the style” – not great reasons to affect the health of your eyes, which is so important!

Sunglasses £119, Perfectglasses.co.uk | Dress £32, Topshop | Polo neck £10, Boohoo

Perfectglasses.co.uk are here to change that! Whether you want your regular prescription glasses, clear frames or prescription sunglasses, they’ve got you covered. When I was contacted by them, I was amazed by the range of styles and customisation options available on their site. Whatever frame style you like, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find it. Best of all, all the frames are fully customisable – you can choose to put regular lenses in sunglasses frames and vice versa, which is something I haven’t seen on other sites and gives you so many more options! You can even virtually ‘try on’ the glasses to see if they’ll suit you before you order them.

Sunglasses £119, Perfectglasses.co.uk | Dress £32, Topshop | Polo neck £10, Boohoo | Boots £30, Boohoo

There’s also a wide range of prices on the site, from budget frames to designer glasses which include Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Fendi. The ones I’m wearing are the Carrera 5022 in black, which you can find here. These are perfect as everyday sunglasses, and I’ve found they go with anything. I chose grey lenses, but they’re also available in several different lens colours and gradient tints, which can also be polarised. I’ve linked a few of my other favourites from the site below:

  • How sassy is this shape??

One thing I was impressed with was the prices offered on the designer glasses range. At the time of writing, there was a half price offer available, which is great if you want a designer pair of glasses on a budget. You also receive a case and lens cleaners with your order which is a nice touch to keep your glasses safe.

Sunglasses £119, Perfectglasses.co.uk | Dress £32, Topshop | Polo neck £10, Boohoo

The service on the site was really quick and simple, and it’s so easy to get the exact specifications you need for your prescription – just input your numbers and away you go! When you think you could be waitng several weeks for your prescription lenses at the opticians, these arrived within a week, and are great quality frames at probably a fraction of the price!

Sunglasses £119, Perfectglasses.co.uk | Dress £32, Topshop | Polo neck £10, Boohoo

If you’re in the market for a new pair of specs, I’d definitely point you in the direction of Perfect Glasses. They’re more than affordable and such a convenient way of getting a new pair quickly and easily. There’s bound to be a pair you like on the site so why not have a nosey and save yourself a bit of cash!


Disclaimer: This post is an advert – I received a pair of sunglasses in return for writing a review of the service provided by perfectglasses.co.uk.  All opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own.

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