Spring is finally starting to make an appearance! As you probably know, I’m a bit of a sun worshipper (aka one of those people who will sunbathe up the steps of the plane on the way back from holiday) so I’m more than excited to start being able to leave the house without s heavy coat again.

As soon as the sun started popping it’s beautiful face out, I went a bit shopping mad (like I do every year!) on some new bits and pieces to add to my wardrobe. Why is it that as soon as the new season rolls round you automatically hate everyone you bought for the same season the year before? Fashion is witchcraft, I swear.

  Bardot is absolutely everywhere this season. I’ve always been wary of this style before, as every top I’ve tried on has made my shoulders look unnaturally wide for some reason. Also, it kind of reminds me of a major fashion mishap I had somewhere between 2004 and 2006 involving Tammy Girl (whoooo??) and that’s something no-one wants to see!
However, when I saw is long sleeved version in such a gorgeous shade, I needed to try it on immediately. The styles I’d tried before were short sleeved, which may not have helped with the wide shoulder factor. The full-length sleeves seem to balance this out a bit, so it’s definitely worth trying if you’ve previously had the same problem I have.
A trend I loved last summer was the denim mini skirt, and I’m so pleased it’s stayed around till now! While they used to make me think of Britney circa 2005, the A-line shape of them now is super flattering, and finding one in a petite length is a huge bonus, as I’m a fan of a tiny hemline. I went for a light was this season, as I think this will look great with a tan when summer finally rolls around, but it also pairs great with tights for the nippier mornings at the moment.
I teamed the look with ankle boots here to give a bit of a festival feel (no, I don’t wish I was at Coachella, what are you talking about…) and also makes the look a bit more relevant at this time of year when it’s not quite warm enough for sandals. However, I’ll definitely be wearing this look with my tan gladiators once I’m sure I won’t get frostbite on the commute!
I’ve so enjoyed finally being able to do an outfit post, and I’m definitely going to try and
post more in the future now I have a bit more time!
What are your favourite trends are for spring/summer?
Beth x
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3 thoughts on “PEACHY KEEN FOR SS16

  1. I’m loving the outfit Beth. Can never go wrong with a denim skirt! I’m loving these tops too and think it suits you lots! This is one type of clothing which I don’t have in my wardrobe! My spring/summer trends atm is denim and denim with badges etc! I love badges and anything that’s colourful!

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