11 things you know if you’re organised AF

You know that feeling when you have no idea what day it is, or what time you’re supposed to be at that meeting? Me either. If you’re reading this list then you, like me, are organised AF. You know the kind of thing I mean: what am I doing August 24th 2018? I’ll get out […]

At Home Pedicure Tutorial – Pink Gellac Review

If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while, you’ll have seen many a picture of my nails, I’m sure! Although I love to go to a salon and be pampered, I also usually have to choose between looking after my hands or my feet (hellooo help to buy ISA), and in winter hands […]

Wellness Month: The Mind Body Method Workshop

January is pants. Cliche but true. When it gets past Christmas and all winter is is cold and wet and windy and dark rather than festive and cheery, all I want is to get to summer. Fortunately at the moment, my workplace is doing a ‘wellness month’ to ease us back into work and the […]

The ‘please offer me a seat’ badge – what does it mean?

Everyone has seen the ‘baby on board’ badges on the tube, right? You’ve probably even stood up for someone wearing one. But if I asked you what it means if someone is wearing a ‘please offer me a seat’ badge, would you know the answer? It doesn’t matter if your answer is no, as I’m […]

Meet your new favourite sensitive skincare stars | Amie Naturally Kind

I’ve tried out a lot of different skincare brands in my time. From those which promise clear skin using different combinations of chemicals, to those suited for sensitive skin, I’ve always struggled to find one that my skin totally agrees with. However, you might remember that I first met the lovely ladies from Amie last year […]

Friends fan? You need to see this!

Like many people my age, Friends has been a massive part of their TV-watching life. I remember in primary school when me and my best friend would sit and watch the one DVD (might even have been video!) that she had over and over until we knew the episodes by heart. Fast forward a decade […]


I write about hair on here a lot, I know. When it comes to products, I’ve tried hundreds, because although I have a lot of hair according to my hairdresser, it’s also very fine, which tends to make it lay a bit flat and lifeless – so frustrating when your friends an all go out […]


Anxiety is a b*tch. I’m not going to beat around the bush, it sucks. I know it’s something a lot of people, many of you included I expect, suffer with. It’s a subject I’m not afraid to talk about, and I’ve wanted to write about it on the blog for ages but couldn’t come up […]