…aka. ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic 2’. I’ve come to the realisation that I quite probably am one, and have begun to make my peace with it! (My mum is a different story and is at her wits end with me coming home with shopping bags.) I blame working around clothes all day and passing both London Westfields and Oxford St. on my commute – yep, it’s that far!

So, to that end, I’ve decided to put together something of a “shopping diary” to capture what I bought this week (bar the essentials because boring). Who knows, maybe writing it all down will be like therapy and stop me shopping. Lol.

I’ve linked all the clothes throughout the post – remember, you can also shop my Instagram over on the my Shop My Feed page!


Wedding Outfit
River Island – £48

Ok, so I was sneaky on this one and bought it half price with my discount – so jammy! I really struggle to find outfits for weddings – I’m not a girly-girl and everything wedding-appropriate seems to be so floral and pretty. I do not do floral and pretty, I like structured and neat!
Yes, this jumpsuit is pink and has ruffles of all things and is probably now the most girly thing I own. However, being from the RI Petite range, it fits like an absolute dream. Seriously, petite ladies, if you haven’t tried it already, I’d definitely recommend the range (totally unbiased as this is actually the first thing I’ve tried on or bought since it launched – good experiences so far though!) It’s also pretty tailored so doesn’t feel too floaty for me, but has the stunning back detailing to give it a bit of pizazz.
I did worry that it was a bit low-cut for a wedding, however it has the Mum seal of approval so I’m going with it! I’m wearing them with these beauties from Ego, and a delicate necklace. (I actually bought these the week after, after an unsuccessful Public Desire purchase, but ho hum…)


Denim Top
River Island – £30

So I’d seen this top while at work and decided to try it on while wedding outfit shopping (notoriously sidetracked – I’m like a magpie when I go shopping, seriously!) It’s so 90s so obviously I had to buy it! I think it’ll get a lot of wear with jeans and skirts for summer, and I’m going to try layering it too while its warming up… come on summer!

Statement Shoes
Primark – £8!

My biggest bargain of the week! You’d never believe these weren’t Zara, right?! Not only were they a bargain, I think these might be the most ‘fashun’ shoes I own. They’re just the right balance of girly and smart for me, and they’re really comfy (albeit a bit sweaty-betty because they’re obvs pleather!) Plus – bonus round – they’ll go with my wedding otfit when my feet inevitably die a painful, heel-related death! I’ve had so many compliments on these, and they also come in black – so tempted to go back and buy them!

Red Dress
Primark – £6!

(OK, you’re going to have to excuse the horribly blurry picture, I have no idea where my camera was trying to focus *eye roll*)

I’m always a bit nervous of red! I tend to stick to pastel or dark colours so this is a lot out of my comfort zone. However, I saw this in the window (congrats on your tempting window dressing, Westfield Stratford Primarni!) and really loved how they’d styled it. When I first tried it on, I wasn’t keen – it doesn’t have the most flattering fit – but throwing on a belt totally changes this. Call me early-00’s Gok Wan. I really wish I was going to a festival this year as it would be perfect paired with ankle boots for a festival vibe!

So that’s is – my confession of a shopaholic for the week! I’d like to make this a weekly thing, but some weeks it’s more buying boring stuff like pants and bras and no one wants to hear about that (I hope…) Maybe monthly? We’ll see! Let me know if anything in particular has caught your eye!

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