My Urban Decay Makeover at John Lewis

As you’ve probably realised, I’m no beauty expert! Being someone who tries to buy my makeup as cruelty-free as possible, most of my makeup comes from The Body Shop, and I don’t tend to buy into the latest beauty trends. I know what I think suits me and I tend to stick to my comfort zone. However, I was recently invited to have a makeover at Urban Decay at John Lewis, which has since opened my eyes to some more alternative makeup.

My makeover session usually costs £35 and lasted around an hour. My makeup artist, Becky, was lovely, and we discussed what sort of look I was after, my skin type and usual style to get a feel of what products would look and work best. I was really keen to try a look using the Naked Heat palette, so we agreed on a fairly neutral base with a warm smokey eye style. I was going out that evening, so I was hoping the look would last me until then!


Becky made me feel right at home while I was having my makeup done. At first, I was slef-conscious sitting in a chair in the middle of a department store with no makeup on, but I soon forgot about this as she talked through what she was doing and each product she was using. One of my worries about having my makeup done was coming away with a heavy, cakey look which wasn’t ‘me’ at all, however this couldn’t have been further from my experience. Becky listened to my likes and dislikes, and my personal style, and tailored what she was doing to my preferences.

The final look was natural with a more dramatic eye and a warm neutral lip. With just the right amount of hilighter so I didn’t look like a shiny, sweaty mess (seriously, I don’t get how this is a thing?) this is definitely a look I’d want to try and recreate at home.


Urban Decay’s products are all cruelty free, with some also being vegan, and while I own the Naked Smoky palette and have had the All Nighter setting spray before, I’ve always wanted to see how their other products lived up to the hype I’ve heard around them. This makeover is a great way to ‘try before you buy’, and see what products work best for you before you invest. One product I’ll be likely to invest in after this makeover is the All Nighter foundation. It’s full coverage which is perfect for me, and defintiely does what it says on the tin – it lasted all day, all evening and was still on the next morning after forgetting to take off my makeup when I came in (oops). It’s more expensive than a foundation I’d usually buy but defintiely worth it for the staying power!

Now just to save up for the kit to (attempt to) DIY the look at home!

Do you use Urban Decay’s products? Which are your faves?


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