I’ve always loved the idea of being able to shop the outfits you see on your social media feed. Sometimes you see an item of clothing and just need it straight away – but the blogger hasn’t tagged it, or you can’t find it online which is a massive pain. When I found out about Lust Have, I jumped at the chance to try out the Boutique Mode which allows others to shop your feed really easily.


While many feed-shopping apps such as Like To Know it are exclusive to bloggers and pages with a huge following, Lust Have is open to everyone, which is great for new and/or growing brands and blogs. Your profile page also links to your social media feeds and website, should you choose it to, which helps to further grow your audience – another huge plus!


The app works on a voting system – sort of like a cross between Tinder and Instagram! There is the option to vote for ‘wear’ or ‘skip’, so you know what your follwers’ favourite outfits you post are – really helpful if you’re trying to decide on an outfit for a big night out or event! (also yes I’m on Tesco mobile, ohh student life!)

While Boutique Mode exclusive to boutiques and bloggers, allowing others to shop their feed, it does allow you to buy looks straight from your feed, which is great if you see a look you love from your favourite blogger. The app also allows you to share looks to your social media pages – for example, I use Pinterest to collate a lot of looks I like, and being able to do this straight from the app without screenshotting, like on Instagram, is really handy!

As the app is still in its really early stages, it does need some tweaking, but it’s a really great idea for a community which does include everyone, rather than being exclusively for people with a lot of followers. The ability to include more than one link for different pieces of the outfit would be welcome, as would being able to search more easily for users, however I think this could be a great starting point for newer fashion bloggers with a small budget so it’s definitely worth a look!

Beth x

Disclaimer: I was given the Boutique Mode of the app in exchange for a blog review, and all opinions are honest and wholly my own.


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