A little life update!

Inspired by Rhianna’s incredible ‘The Uncool Club’ newsletter she’s started (if you’re not signed up, you’re missing out!), I’ve decided to do a little life update segment on here. I’ll include some of the big (and smaller) things I’ve done and have been enjoying, almost like a little diary. I don’t have an official title or schedule yet (super organised, I know) but I’ll try and do this as and when – there are some pretty exciting things in the pipeline which you’ll hear more about here!


We bought a flat!

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(Or rather, we’re in the loooong process of buying one!) I’m so excited about this particular part of my update that I just had to share it first! We’ve wanted to move out for years, but only started properly looking last August when we had a reasonable-ish amount saved up, and we’ve finally managed to convince some unwitting person to let us buy our own place. You know what that means… all of the decorating posts ~wets self with excitement~.

Although we’re a way off from actually moving in yet, I’ve been extremely, almost embarrassingly, busy Pinteresting all my ideas and bits and bobs I’ve found – you can find and follow (subtle hint alert) my page here. I’m also going to be sharing a lot of home stuff on my Insta stories, so make sure you keep your eyes out for those.

I’m thinking of doing a post in the near future on what to expect when you’re buying through the Help to Buy scheme, as I know we were definitely left floundering when it came to what we actually needed to do to apply for a place. Let me know if this is something you’d find helpful!


I’ve had a blog makeover (again!)


Yes, it’s got to that stage again where I got bored with my blog’s theme and decided to switch it up a bit. This all stemmed form playing around with my Insta stories layout, as I decided (mainly after seeing @lornaluxe’s designs) that I wanted them to be a bit more cohesive and have a theme. Big talk, I know, from someone who can’t even decide on a consistent theme for her actual Instagram feed!

I’ve finally decided on a colour scheme and layout, and liked it so much I decided I wanted to carry it through to my blog’s theme. bethchudley.com has been pretty monochrome from the start, and I decided it was time to switch it up a bit. Although it’s still a monochrome theme, I feel like I’ve brought a bit of my personality and graphic design style into it now and I feel a lot more positive and inspired after a bit of a refresh. Best of all, the colours can be switched up depending on the season which is great as I change my mind so much about how I want my pge to look, it’s ridiculous. Let me know how you’re feeling about it!


I’ve started meditating using Headspace


Now, I have to admit, I’ve tried and tried with Headspace before and just not got the hang of it. I got frustrated that my mind just kept on buzzing even though I was supposed to be relaxing and ended up feeling even more tense and annoyed for it – not really the point of meditation! However, after deciding to give the guided run meditations on the Nike Training app a go, I found that I was getting really into the messages being put across while exercising. I re-started the 10-day ‘basics’ programme for the zillionth time (I’m impatient, OK) and found that if I did it while falling asleep, it would not only help me sleep better but put me in a better mood for the next day! If you’re suffering with anxiety or just feeling a bit out of sorts, I’d definitely recommend giving it a go and sticking it out!


I’ve made a Spotify playlist

Small and random, but something I’ve never done before! Related to the flat-buying situation, I’ve started to put together a rough list of songs that would be perfect to have on in the background for a chilled afternoon in the house cooking or cleaning or just generally relaxing. You can find it here – let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for other songs to add, send them on over!

Hopefully I haven’t bored you with what was a bit of a narcissistic ramble about my life, but I thought I’d give a general insight of what’s been going on and where I’m at for the moment. I might make this a feature (then again I might not, when do I ever stick to anything blog-wise?) and add some more updates as more exciting things (hopefully) start happening in my life, but we shall see…

Ciao for now!


2 thoughts on “A little life update!

  1. Ahhh Beth I am so happy for you buying a flat. How blooming exciting! I love an interiors post, so will look forward to those! I meditate every day, and the biggest tip I can give you is don’t put pressure on yourself to have a “clear” mind. It takes practise. As long as your still, your present and you focus on your breath when your mind wanders, you will get the hang of it xxxx

    1. Aw thanks Kerry! I’m super excited, I can’t stop planning 😅
      Thanks for the meditation tips, it’s definitely getting easier with practise but I’ll remember that! Xxx

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