I write about hair on here a lot, I know. When it comes to products, I’ve tried hundreds, because although I have a lot of hair according to my hairdresser, it’s also very fine, which tends to make it lay a bit flat and lifeless – so frustrating when your friends an all go out with big bouncy blowdries. Meanwhile, I’m there with the same old hair I have every day, not even able to curl it because a) it’s too short and b) it will. not. hold. a. curl. Ever.

When I was approached by Halier to try out their hair thickening products, I was excited because I seem to have tried every different shampoo/conditioner combo on the market and nothing ever works. A Polish brand, I’d never heard of Halier before but I was intrigued to see what it could do that was different to other products. On the bottle, it promises to ‘boost hair growth and prevent excessive hair loss’, as well as ‘condition follicles, improve hair elasticity and regenerate the scalp’, so I couldn’t wait to give it a go.


When you first see them, the bottles do look a bit clinical, so I was a bit dubious about what the product would actually smell like, but I was pleasantly surprised. The shampoo is quite sweet-smelling, a bit like honey which is lovely. As I have short hair, I only need a couple of pumps of it but for longer hair I would imagine you’d need quite a bit more. You can really feel that the product gives your hair a good clean, and it passes the “squeak test”, something my hairdresser taught me – when you rub your hair after rinsing it makes a squeak sound, which means your hair is properly clean.


Now, I don’t actually tend to use conditioner (shock horror!) as where my hair is so fine it tends to weigh it down and to be honest I’ve just got out of the habit of using it. However, this conditioner seems nice and light and also leaves your hair lovely and soft. I haven’t actually remembered to use it a lot, as like I said I’m out of the habit, but when I have I’ve been very impressed.

Hair tablets

Unfortunately I’m not able to take the hair tablets as I’m vegetarian and they contain beef gelatine, which is a shame as I’ve been curious what these type of supplements can do for your hair. If there’s an alternative that doesn’t contain any animal products please let me know!

After using these products for 3 weeks I’m definitely impressed with what they’ve done for my hair. It looks a lot more shiny and healthy, and feels like it has a lot more body to it – something other products I’ve tried haven’t been able to do! I’d definitely recommend Halier if you’re looking to brighten and thicken your hair and I’ll be using it for a while to come!

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