As someone who is on the go a lot, I tend to carry a ton of bits and bobs ‘just in case’ (i.e. everything but the kitchen sink crammed into a mahoosive handbag!) However, as you might realise, carrying your life with you at all times isn’t the healthiest or most practical thing to do – it hurts your back and, if you’re 5ft nothing like me, makes you look like a year 7 on their first day of school! So, to try and combat this, I decided to purchase a normal-sized bag for the first time in years so I physically couldn’t carry an entire makeup bag, hairspray, moisturiser… you get the idea! I wanted to share with you some of my essentials, the bits I haven’t been able to part ways with – minus the boring and obvious stuff like my purse (although I’ve even downsized that as I was carrying a trillion loyalty cards!) – and hopefully save a couple of people’s backs from heavy bags!

1. Rescue remedy gum

As you may or may not know, I suffer from mild to moderate anxiety which, with a busy lifestyle, is sometimes hard to manage as I have to be on the go the majority of the time and don’t often get a chance to compose myself if I’m feeling anxious. Finding out that Rescue Remedy make gum has been amazing – I don’t much like the taste of the oils they make but their gum just tastes like your normal minty flavour but with added Rescue Remedy, and is great if I need something to calm me down without drawing too much attention to it. You can get it in Boots for around £4 a pack, which is well worth it if it gets rid of anxiety even briefly!

2. Burts bees lip balm

An absolute must for me in winter! If, like me, you get really chapped lips in winter then this is a life saver! Unlike a lot of lip balms, this one is all natural and really moisturises your lips rather than just sitting on the skin like a lot of them do. It’s also a godsend if you can’t be bothered to properly do your lippy in the morning as it gives a nice tint to save you from looking unfinished!

3. Lush sugar scrub 

I honestly don’t know how I’ve never tried his before! Having heard so many people rave about this cult product, I decided to give it a go when I popped into Lush for a Christmas gift recently. I’ve tried so many things for getting rid of the dry skin from chapped lips, but have never known anything to work as well or be as yummy as this – it tastes like dolly mix! Plus, it’s not as abrasive as some other methods of lip scrubbing and so is a lot gentler on your delicate skin.

4. NYX lip creams

A girl can never have enough nude lip colours, right?? After hearing people raving about NYX’s lip creams for ages, I finally got my hands on one and I don’t think I’ll ever look back! I only tend to wear nude lip colours but find a lot of them go flaky and really destroy your lips and dry them out. Although I do find my lips dry out with these too, it’s nowhere near the extent that others such as MAC do and the pigment is just as good, if not better, along with the staying power! I’m sure my collection will soon be growing rapidly!

5. Antibacterial gel

Because, well, the tube is quite frankly gross. I’m prone to catching just about any illness and am a bit of a clean freak so this is an absolute must, even if I do get some weird looks on the tube sticking on hand gel as soon as I manage to wrestle my way into a seat!

6. Tea tree oil spot corrector

Invented by the gods themselves. Probably. I’ve probably mentioned this in a blog post before but it works wonders and I’ve sworn by it for years! As soon as I feel a spot coming on, a dab of this stops it in its tracks and works really quickly to boot!

7.  iPad

If you read my post a couple of weeks ago, you’ll know that I write most of my blog posts (including this one!) on the go because, let’s face it, commuting is boring! I also watch a lot of catch-up TV so my iPad is always charged and ready in my bag for those moments of inspiration. As a bonus, this bag is exactly the right size to slip my iPad mini into, which is really handy!

8. Painkillers

Co-codamol and Nurofen are a staple in my bag, even though I try to avoid taking them as much as possible. However, chronic back and neck pain are an almost daily occurrence for me unfortunately, and it’s never fun being caught out with no painkillers when you’re trying to get through the day at work, or not having ones strong enough to make a dent in the pain.

9. Hand cream

Because winter happens and, like my lips, my hands get incredibly dry – the downfalls of working in an air conditioned office (first world problems, amirite?!)

10. Sunglasses

I’m one of those people who, as soon as there’s a tiny bit of sun or even brightness, will whack the sunglasses out, no matter what the temperature. To add to my ever-growing list of ailments (that’s all this post seems to be about, oops!) I tend to get migraines when I’m in bright light, so sunglasses are a great preventative measure to have with me.
Since decluttering my bag, I feel a lot more free and actually more able – before, I would get an aching back within 5 minutes of going shopping and find it a lot less enjoyable than I once did, but now I can rest safe in the knowledge that I have everything I could urgently need without the extra weight!

Are you an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of person? Let me know if this has helped you to declutter a little bit!

Beth x

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