I’m going to start off with a public service warning about these masks: do not, if you’re planning on using them while in the bath, apply the mask before you get undressed, forgetting you need to pull your jumper over your head (no, I didn’t do that, what are you talking about)

(Ok I lied. Well done, me.)

I have a gross fascination with all these videos you see on social media of these masks being removed, so when I found an affordable one from Shills I just had to try it. Most of the ones I’ve seen are around £25-30 which is a bit out of my price range, but this one retails at £8.99 – much better for someone on a budget!

On first appearance, the mask looks like any other type of liquid makeup (aside from being a tar-black colour of course!), but it’s insanely thick and sticky and difficult to clean off fabrics, as I unfortunately discovered! It doesn’t smell of much, like a lot of masks you’d use, and it would’ve been nice if it had some sort of relaxing or soothing scent to it to add to the ‘spa-like’ treatment.

Applying the product was a bit more problematic than I’d thought it would be. You need a fair amount of the product to get a good even layer, and even once you think you’ve applied it evenly, when it starts to dry it thins out and leaves gaps so you need to apply more. I probably used about a quarter of the tube for this one treatment, so I’m glad the price wasn’t too high! Also , MIND YOUR EYEBROWS, gals – it’s reallly hard to clean the mask off any areas you accidentally apply it to, and you don’t want to be peeling off your brows with it!

So, after managing to apply what I thought was a good layer of the mask, I sat back and let it work it’s supposed magic. The feeling when it dried was similar to most masks, which make your skin feel tight, but to a greater extent – I felt like how I imagine Botox does! I assumed this meant it was working, and drawing all the grossness out of my skin (yum!)

Having seen the videos, this part was what I was looking forward to the most. However, when I came to actually peel the mask off, I found it difficult to actually peel the edge of it from my skin in order to get it started. Word of warning: if you have any sort of hair on your face whatsoever (i.e. If you’re a normal human being), this part is going to be a bit painful!

I’d compare the experience of this to when you’d cover your hands in PVA glue in primary school and peel it off. Rather than coming off the places I’d applied it to as a whole, the mask came off in bits – i don’t know whether this is because maybe I didn’t apply a think enough layer or didn’t leave the mask on long enough.

When I did manage to get a large enough chunk off, I was a little disappointed that these wasn’t as much… ‘gunk’ (ew) being cleaned out of my pores as there is in the videos. Either I didn’t do it right or those girls have much worse skin than I do in the first place! However, I did notice that my skin did feel a lot smoother, and that a lot of my dry skin was gone (along with a lot of the tiny hairs on my face…), so it’s not all bad – I’ve been suffering pretty badly with dry skin in this cold snap we’re having.

So, would I recommend this mask? Possibly. If you were a PVA kid at school and have dry skin, you’ll love this. If you’re after a full face cleanse and purge, not so much. I have noticed less blackheads since using the mask, however I don’t know if this is due to its effects on my pores or simply because there is less dead skin on my face (this post has been really attractive, I know!) all in all, I’m not sure they live up to the hype they’re given on social media, but they’re worth a try if you fancy a different kind of experience in a face mask, and looking silly in the process!

Have you tried any of these masks? What did you think and what brand did you try?

Beth x

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