Festival style with MiPac

From being up on some poor, crumpling person’s shoulders singing my heart out, to sitting round the campsite and falling over guide ropes as you try and find your tent while a bit intoxicated, festivals and the complete freedom of them hold some of my best memories. There’s something about being covered in mud and/or […]

Where’s my creativity gone? And how do I get it back?

Working in the creative industries, there are certain things which can either inspire or crush creativity in a heartbeat. I feel like the creative bug I was bitten by at uni has gone on a bit of a holiday – I want to examine why creativity sometimes disappears, and what you can do to get your creative mojo back.


*Mini midweek post alert!* I have a treat for you all today – a 10% discount sitewide for Poppy Apparel. Woohoo! Poppy Apparel sell some great bits, my favourite being their sassy T-shirts which I could probably buy all of! So far I’ve purchased the ‘NOPE’ T-shirt, which I’ve discovered is the perfect summary for […]


…aka. ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic 2’. I’ve come to the realisation that I quite probably am one, and have begun to make my peace with it! (My mum is a different story and is at her wits end with me coming home with shopping bags.) I blame working around clothes all day and passing both […]


Italy, Italia, AKA where I think I should have been born, AKA my favourite place in the world. Home to two of my favourite foods – pizza and pasta – and the most beautiful country I’ve visited, I couldn’t wait to go back after 5 years of Italy withdrawal! Today I thought I’d share with you […]


I have to confess – I’m usually a high-street shopaholic. I love fast fashion and if something catches my eye, I’ll snap it up (although maybe sometimes I’ll have to wait for payday – sob!) However, I’ve recently had the opportunity to work with a handmade fashion brand which has changed my perspective a little on how I shop and the process that goes into making the clothes we wear.