As someone who is on the go a lot, I tend to carry a ton of bits and bobs ‘just in case’ (i.e. everything but the kitchen sink crammed into a mahoosive handbag!) However, as you might realise, carrying your life with you at all times isn’t the healthiest or most practical thing to do […]


I have a confession – I’m secretly 40. Not really, but that’s sometimes how I feel when I tie my hair up to have a shower and catch my hair in the mirror. Although this is something that affects hundreds of thousands of people, it is something I’ve been conscious of ever since I was about 19 […]

Bloggers Fashion Week: Blogger Chic

I can’t believe how quickly 6 months has come around! It feels like yesterday that I was attending my first Bloggers Fashion week back in September, having only just started the blog! I feel like I’ve learned loads since then though, and have enjoyed my time blogging so much – I’m thinking of doing a ‘things […]

Bloggers Hangout: LFW Party | Ark Skincare | Heaven Skincare

It’s that time of year again! Fashion month is always an exciting time – I love seeing new looks to be inspired by and try out. Although I’ve never had the chance to attend any of the big events (next year…), last season’s Bloggers Hangout event was so much fun and I was really looking forward […]

Skincare Essentials | Magnitone Review

You know how Mondays go – you’re not quite prepared to crawl out of your pit of Sunday comfort and face the world for the week and all you want is a large bucket of coffee to get you through till 5pm. Sound a familiar? I thought so! So my Monday basically started the same as […]

Pearly Whites | Doll White Review

Teeth whitening is something I’ve always been a little on the fence about (remember Ross’ luminous teeth moment in Friends?) but really keen to try. For those who know me, I’m rarely without a coffee of some sort in my hand, and my teeth have taken a bit of a beating, so during a Bloggers Hangout […]