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I’ve tried out a lot of different skincare brands in my time. From those which promise clear skin using different combinations of chemicals, to those suited for sensitive skin, I’ve always struggled to find one that my skin totally agrees with. However, you might remember that I first met the lovely ladies from Amie last year at a blog event and was able to sample a few of their products. Since then, the brand has become my absolute go-to when it comes to my skin! The whole range is vegan and cruelty free, and perfect for people with sensitive skin as they contain no harsh chemicals. I’ve used the majority of their products and thought I’d share with you how I got on with them!




Since discovering Amie, their exfoliating polish cleanser (yellow bottle) has been pretty much the only face wash I’ve used (I think this is maybe the 3rd time I’ve replaced it in a row!) Where some scrubs are very coarse and harsh on the skin, this one almost feels like a moisturiser with added exfoliating properties, and leaves your skin really soft. Instead of microbeads, it uses rice granules as a natural alternatives, so as well as taking care of your skin you’re saving the fish!

I decided to give the radiant dawn wash a try this time I repurchased, as I’ve loved all the other products and I figured why not! I wasn’t disappointed – this wash is great for use in the morning to wake you up where it’s so fresh-feeling. It’s made with bluberry seeds as exfoliants and green apple and lemon gives it a light, fresh smell which I love! I can’t choose between these scrubs as I love them both, so would definitely recommend either of them if you’re looking for a more natural face wash.



Their micellar water does what it says on the tin! I tend to use this after washing my face (if/when I remember because I’m pretty useless at skincare apart from washing my face) to remove any remaining makeup, and it’s very soothing on the skin. I have no idea if you’re supposed to, but I also use this to remove eye makeup and it does work really well, and has a gentle rose smell.



This is definitely my favourite product from the range! I have really irritating combination skin which means heavy moisturisers cause me to break out, and light ones don’t make any difference to the drier areas. This one hits that balance perfectly, and works great as a base for makeup. It has mattifying properties which smooth out skin and reduce oiliness, while still hydrating dry areas. Best of all, it smells like lemongrass which makes your skin feel so fresh!

Moisture Mask


Amie were kind enough to send me the newest product in their skincare range to try out alost as soon as it was released! I always tend find face masks a bit hit and miss. Some seem to make your skin noticeably softer, while others tend to do absolutely zero! This one I would defintiely put into the ‘hit’ category, however. It has a cooling, soothing feel which is really relaxing, and moisturises your skin no end. I’m not a fan of face masks which dry out while you’re using them and make your skin feel all stiff, but this one feels like it’s hydrating your skin until you remove it and has a light and fresh smell. The only thing I wasn’t so keen on was washing it off, as where it doesn’t dry out it takes a couple of rinses – this defintiely wouldn’t put me off using it at all though as I really enjoy the experience!

So, there you have it – an absolute all-rounder for skincare and defintiely my favourite range I’ve tried! Make sure to let me know if you decide to try out Amie’s great range – you can find them here:


This post is not an advertisement for the Amie skincare range. I occasionally receive free products from this brand to try, however have repeat purchased the products myself after trying them and was not asked to write this review in exchange for the products I received.

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  1. The moisturising mask looks amazing. My skin is always a little dry so a decent moisturiser seems to be the way forward. Will look into buying ❤️

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