11 things you know if you’re organised AF

You know that feeling when you have no idea what day it is, or what time you’re supposed to be at that meeting? Me either. If you’re reading this list then you, like me, are organised AF. You know the kind of thing I mean: what am I doing August 24th 2018? I’ll get out my colour-coded Google Calendar right now and tell you exactly what. When’s your cat’s birthday? Got it right here! Where’s that sock you left in my room 2 years ago? Got it right here! I’ve put together a list of (hopefully) relatable things/actions/sayings you might have come across in your life if you’re one of us!

1/ Lists. Lists of lists. Losing your list and all hell breaks loose.

Blog post ideas, suitcase packing (see point 3), lists of other lists, grocery shopping – you name it, we’ve got a list for it. Because if we don’t write it down, it’s almost gone in less time than it takes to open up the trusty notes app. And if we lose the list? We have NO IDEA what was on it. Ask me to do a thing when I’m in the middle of something else with no way no way of writing a note on my list? The chances of me remembering to do the thing are approximately 0%.

2/ Google Calendar = bae

Reminders? Check. Month view? Check. Colour coding? Dingdingding we have a winner! iOS’ inferior offering pales in comparison to Google’s multicoloured masterpiece, and you bet it’s filled with a rainbow of small reminders each day.

3/ E V E R Y T H I N G has its own place

Literal goals. via jeannefashnbeauty.com

My room may seem like a bit of a tip at times, but you bet I know where every little thing is. That letter I got from the insurance company a year ago? In the folder in my desk drawer. BOOM.

4/ Your work desk resembles a Pinterest-worthy kind of situation

via beautyandthechic.net

Or at least, your attempt at copying something you saw. Sure, there might be a hideous old folder you have to have on your desk because it’s part of your job, but we can just ignore that…

5/ Packing for a holiday is more like a military operation

You betcha we have a list for that. And we’ve repacked the suitcase a million and one times ‘just in case’ we’ve forgotten something.

6/ …as is actually getting TO said holiday

‘What do you mean we haven’t got a clue how we’re getting to the airport’, she says, while hyperventilating into a bag 2 weeks before departure. What? You’e never done that? No, me either.

7/ Your computer’s downloads folder is just PDF menus of meals out gone by

Go out for a meal without knowing exactly what starter, main, dessert and wine choice you’re having? You must be insane.

8/ You regularly carry everything but the kitchen sink in your bag ‘just in case

Yes, obviously I need an umbrella AND sunglasses because it’s England, but I also need 4 types of painkillers, eye drops, plasters and some cat food* because honestly, who the hell knows what turn my day will take?

*OK that one is a lie, I’m not a crazy cat lady (yet) but you see my point.

9/ Regularly buying 3 of everything to keep at home, work and in your bag

It’s perfectly logical to have deodorant, lip balm and hairspray in 3 convenient locations throughout the day because when don’t you have a hair emergency on the daily?

10/ Your phone is ALWAYS charged

See point 7 – a portable charger is absolutely essential. How else are we supposed to check our Google Calendars?

11/ People think you’re slightly crazy, but they secretly love you for remembering their mum’s birthday

Even though you’re a bit neurotic, people secretly love you for it. Who else would remind you of your mum’s birthday when you’ve forgotten to get her a card, or be able to hand you a plaster at the drop of a hat because your new stilettos aren’t quite practical enough for the office?

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